Perched in the Bird’s Nest

1 06 2010

The drive from St. John`s to Deer Lake was uneventful. Well, if you count the blizzard in Clarenville, maybe not.

We stopped in Gander at the Irving Restaurant for breakfast (we left St. John`s at 7:30am) which was exactly what I wanted.

I was graciously allowed behind the wheel in Gander, and I drove for a while so hubby could get some beauty sleep. We took our time, and around 4:00pm, we arrived in Deer Lake!

We found the B&B no problem. Brad was a little wary when we pulled up, because it`s an extremely residential area, and the B&B just looks like an ordinary house. Which, as far as I`m concerned, is how a B&B should look. Anyway.

Our room was AMAZING. We were  in the Nightengale Room, for those of you who want to go back to the link previously posted and check out the specific rooms.

The TV is bigger than I am, there is a walk in closet, and – wait for it – the bathroom has a jacuzzi. In a B&B!

Anyway. We ate breakfast and boogied. Wanted to take Brad on the Western Brook Pond tour in the fjords, but time constraints were an issue, so we came on to St. Barbe.

It was a pretty uneventful drive, except for a couple of moose along the way. One of which we passed while I was sleeping. The second one I saw, and tried to make friends with. It wasn’t interested. Ah, well.

Now we’re at the Dockside Motel. A step down in class, a step up in price. But we’re at the ferry terminal, so we won’t have far to go in the morning when we hop on the boat to Labrador.

That’s all, folks – see you on the other side!

Heeeeeeere moosey, moosey, moosey...




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1 06 2010

Glad you are safe and sound…..also glad Mr Moose didn’t get any closer. Enjoy your time together, before you know it will be back to school and the hectic life of students. Jale is gone walking with Marley, things are going well for us, when I get a chance I’ll send some pictures especially when she gets to use her new outdoor kennell. Love you both. Take care.

2 06 2010
Mom and Dad Gill

Glad to hear you are safe and sound in St. Barbe. We just got straightened away in our Townsville accommodations. Met the Strahan’s at the airport for lunch. It’s about 25 C here and we’re about 2 or 3 minutes walk from the Strand. Will go to JCU either this later afternoon or tomorrow morning.

17 06 2010

I remember taking that boat tour many years ago and loved it! I would love to take Trevor on it someday as he has yet to experience it.

I am just starting to follow your blog now as I saw the address on your facebook page tonight. Sounds like quite the adventure you are on this summer!!!

BTW, thank you sooooooooo much for the adorable outfit you gave William before you left home. He has been wearing the little jacket alot and I tried the little green shorts on him tonight and well his legs are still a bit too short for them yet, but he looks soooooooooo cute with them on all the same!!!

I need to post something new to my blog soon. Since William arrived I don’t get a heck of a lot of time. I miss posting to my blog and I feel out of the loop these days!!

From your neighbour across the street

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