We’re Aliiiiiiiiiiive!

12 06 2010

After over a week living in the cut-off fishing village of Battle Harbour, we finally got out to Mary’s Harbour for a couple of hours to connect with the outside world. Right now Battle Harbour’s phone and dial-up internet is down, so we’re completely cut off for the time being.

So, just to back track a little bit, we last wrote in Forteau I believe, where we had a great evening with Vernon and Adele. From there, we got up early Thursday and went to Red Bay. We went to Whaler’s Restaurant for breakfast, which was a motherload of awesome food! Highly recommended! If you happen to be in Red Bay, go to Whaler’s!

While in Red Bay, we also took a tour of the National Historic Site there. It was actually very interesting. We went in pretty ‘green’, not knowing anything about Red Bay’s history, but it turned out to be a pretty nice exhibit. When you see the size of the boats used by the Basques Whalers compared to the Whales that they were hunting, it’s amazing what they were able to accomplish.

From there, we ventured along the unpaved road to Mary’s Harbour full of potholes. I didn’t think the road was quite as bad as it is hyped up to be, there are certainly a few places that are pretty rough, but all in all if you take your time over it, it isn’t too bad. Erika didn’t really have an opinion on the road because she slept most of the way (like much of the trip), so the road couldn’t have been that bad.

After a couple of short errands in Mary’s Harbour, we took a speedboat over to Battle Harbour (about 11k). The trip over was amazing. The water was sooo blue, and we came across at least 15 icebergs on the way out. Kirby, our speedboat chauffeur, brought us up really close to a couple of them, which was amazing – they look so different when you are within a stone’s throw.

So, for the past week we’ve been busy on the island. I’ve been working away on a few projects, and in the same building Erika has been helping out in the general store/gift shop getting it straightened away. It is such a different work experience than the norm – having to light our wood stove in the morning when we start work, and keep it stoked throughout the day. Instead of being on shredder duty at work like in some past positions, i’m using the paper to get the fire going – reduce, reuse, recycle.

Battle Harbour is a beautiful place. At any one time, we can look out our window and see an iceberg just offshore – and when you walk to the top of the hill (about 4 minutes) you can easily see 5 or so icebergs surrounding the island at any one time. The buildings are all very old, most dating back over 100 years, and they’ve been maintained well by the heritage carpenters here. They have really kept their classic charm.

Erika is missing her friends a fair bit – but she’s being a trooper about it. She keeps herself busy though, so that helps. I’ve adapted pretty well to my surroundings. I’m surprised that I don’t miss going online and checking facebook/cnn/tsn/cbc/ect. It is a little strange to not know what is going on in the rest of the world, but at the same time, it is kind of nice. In our spare time we’ve been exploring the island a fair bit, we’ve started watching a tv show we had downloaded (Bones), and we both have books going.

That is all for now. Hope to talk to you again soon.

Brad and Erika




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12 06 2010

Newfoundland has so many tasty delights. You will make a great housewife and help enrich our province’s tasty delights. Please pet your puppi for me.
Apu Turtis

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