annnnnd Brad is still here…

15 06 2010

So, quick update – second of the day.

I was originally suppose to go to Mary’s Harbour for the day to get some things straightened away at the Visitor Information Centre there. I left at 9, went over there, worked all day and then by 6 o’clock when it was time to head back, it was too bad on the water so we had to stay put.

I’m spending my night in a luxurious sub-50 dollar a night hotel room, without any food, change of clothing, tooth brush, ect. On top of all that, the phone/internet on Battle Harbour still doesn’t work, so I have no way to communicate with Erika who is still on the island. We did get a CB radio message over to say we were not coming, but that was it. I’m hoping she isn’t worried too much and has an okay first married night alone, but knowing her, she’s probably fretting to death not knowing where I am or what I’m doing.
Oh the joys of living in an abandoned fishing village.




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