A Mini-Vacation For the Coombs’

29 06 2010

We’ve had a busy time in Battle Harbour, but we’re really enjoying ourselves.

Last week was really great – we had a Climate Change conference on the island for a few days, and we got to meet a lot of interesting people. We also had a couple over from Switzerland, one of whom spoke English – the other could only speak French. That was fun.

Anyway – they wanted to go and see icebergs up-close and personal, so Brad and I split the cost and went along with them. It was fantastic. The pack ice was really coming in, too – so we took the boat into it and had a look around at all the ice pans. Cyril (our boat driver) asked me if I wanted to get on an ice pan (silly question!) and so we found a nice flat one and hopped on. Awesome! I mean, really. It was unbelievable being on a sheet of ice in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! I made Brad get on (against his will) and we managed to get a photo before he scurried back to the boat. The camera was set to black and white accidentally. Made me sad, but that’s okay! That is a day I will not soon forget. It was beautiful and sunny – I’m hoping to get some of the pictures of that day printed and framed.

The Green Team (a student-based eco-friendly group) is coming to Battle Harbour on Monday, and Brad is supervising them, so we needed to take Brad’s holidays while we had the chance.

We wanted to go to Quebec, but upon review, discovered that we can only go a few communities west into Quebec before we get stuck and have to find transportation by air. We clearly do not know our Canadian geography very well.

In any case, we stopped at Vernon and Adele’s on the way to what we thought was going to be a trip to Quebec, and Vernon mentioned that Adele and the kids were going to Corner Brook for the weekend. That gave us the idea to go to the west coast of Newfoundland for a couple days. It was the day after school was out, so we figured we wouldn’t get on the boat across to St. Barbe – but we did! Talk about a spontaneous adventure.

Halfway to Newfoundland on the boat, we got cell reception… so I looked up some places in the NL Travel Guide and booked us a place to stay. We got a cabin at Shallow Bay Motel and Cabins. Check it out: http://www.shallowbaymotel.com/

We had a “suite” cabin (ha. ha. ha. Punny, I know) and so I had a jacuzzi for one night. I’m telling you. Staying at the Rose Manor last year spoiled me. Anyway.

On Saturday night, we went to see a double show at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival in Cow Head – if you’re on the West Coast, take the time to go! It’s lots of fun. The GMTF site is here: http://theatrenewfoundland.com/gmtf.html

We had a great time – and, that night, guess who met us in Cow Head? Brad’s parents – with Jale!!

Oh. My. I cannot tell you how exciting that was for us.

So we spend the next day together, enjoying each others’ company until Monday morning, when we had to part ways.

Monday, we took our time to St. Barbe and spent the night at Dockside again. We were up bright and early this morning again to get the boat across, and now we’re back in Mary’s Harbour, waiting to get the boat back to BH Island.

It was a great mini-vacation. Especially since we got to see Brad’s parents and our baby girl. That being said, I am actually looking forward to getting back to the island, and I can’t help wonder what I’ve missed in the four days we’ve been gone.

Not sure when we’ll have a chance again to get the internet – but I’ll try to keep track of our adventures in the meantime so I can record them for your reading pleasure. 🙂

Annette (at the Visitor Information Centre – VIC – in Mary’s Harbour) says that there is a Mother/Father/Daughter who have a Husky on the island – so I’m hoping to make another canine friend. Also – there’s a photographer who is supposed to be spending a few days on the island, and he has two cocker spaniels. So – it may be an interesting week!

Hope you are all well. We miss you – keep us posted on your lives. We appreciate your comments and your e-mails!


Erika and Brad




One response

29 06 2010

We had a great time with you guys! Spontanious vacations are the best…..hard to leave on Monday morning but so glad we got to spend time with you! Jale was perfect company in the car didn’t have to fuss with her at all she just sat up and enjoyed the adventure!
Love you both!

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