Short and Sweet

24 07 2010

Hi all,

It has been a while since we’ve been on ‘the mainland’, hence the blog delinquency.

I had to write an exam in Mary’s Hr last night, so we came across and stayed the night. Today is Fun Day in Battle Harbour, so we may or may not get across to the island today; the boat is at capacity, so there’s no guarantee we’ll be able to get on it.

We’re still having a good time – but we’re both ready to come home. Three more weeks and we plan to be on the road. I’ll write my final exam on August 14th, and then we’ll be heading back home.

Nicola and Stephen are coming for a week in late August, so we’re pretty excited to be home for that!

Speaking of home… I know I’m homesick, because I had a very vivid dream about three of my favourite people from High School last night (you know who you are – BAA, AJ, SG). I’m assuming that’s because I’ve been sad that I’m not going to see them when we get home, because by the time we get back to St. John’s, they’re going to be scattered all over the world…

In other news:

We’ve gained 10 pounds each, and have actually had to change our eating habits drastically. The food is amazing.

If we end up staying in Mary’s Harbour – we’ll write again, otherwise, see you later!

Brad and Erika

Iceberg Adventures for Rickie and Brad




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